Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Mayan
Co-Op in

Natural dies and hand woven scarves made from bamboo

The market in Solola on Friday afternoon. Check out all the great produce and the buses.

Well life continues to be exciting. Riding these buses is probably not good for ones health but is sort of exciting. The market was very interesting. Many vendors don't want you to take pictures of their stuff. It is amazing what is for sale-shampoo, shoes, plastic toys all kinds of , pencils, meat, fruits and vegetables and of course Guatemalan weaving. The Mayan cooperative was amazing. They had very beautiful stuff, we didn't get to see the weaving but we did see them dying the bamboo yarn. We have been very lucky because the rain has held off for this week. Soon it will come and rain all afternoon so we are trying to see as much as possible while the weather is good. Our teachers are great but the work is hard. Back at the house where we stay we have one comfortable chair to sit in so we have to take turns sitting in it. Wayne loves the food. We walk everywhere and get in about 4 miles a day.

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  1. Beautiful colors of yarn and produce!

    The buses remind me of Haiti, sort of, but it's a step up.

    Glad you are getting to see so much before the rains come. We need rain, too. Our lawn is toast. We're continuing to pray for you! Go with God!
    Carrie (and Dave)