Sunday, August 2, 2009

We had a great day off today. We really needed a little time to recharge. We got up early, and after breakfast headed for the lake. We took a launche to San Juan a 40 minute ride across the lake. We then headed for a women's weaving cooperative. This is a quiet small artist town with many murals on the buildings. We were greeted at the Co-op by a woman who helped start the organization many years ago. "She showed us the processes for the dyes from the flowers and vegetables to the final weave. She was quite interesting and even made an outfit for the President of Guatemala.
We then headed for San Pedro by Tuk-Tuk. The ride was great and the views awesome. We arrived at the market and then headed down tto the waterfront. Just outside of town we found a great cafe by the water where we had coffee and lunch a bit later after we enjoyed a great horseback ride. Then back to Pana by launche.

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