Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Digs

Yesterday we moved. Oh my goodness we think we have died and gone to heaven. This is a very pleasant place with so much room we don’t know what to do with it, and very comfortable. It will be a lot easier to study here. We went to the market this morning and loaded up on vegetables and fruit. Janet washed it all in a Clorox solution so it should be safe to eat. We had dinner with Jay and Carey last night (the people we would be replacing) just across the courtyard. Theirs is a tiny place but very livable. We are having our first day of rest since we arrived. I don’t think we knew how tired we were. Wayne’s 60th birthday is Tuesday, Janet is trying to learn to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish, since she can’t sing in English this will be a challenge.

Pictures include our new place, a Tuk-Tuk (anywhere in Pana for $.60) this is how we moved our stuff, Janet's classroom, and one of the many beautiful flowers. Buying flowers is inexpensive. Four bunches for less than a dollar.


  1. Welcome to your new home! Looks like a LOT more room! Please record Janet singing "Happy Birthday" in Spanish. :0)

  2. Sorry, the opportunity was missed. I am not sure if we will get another. Maybe she will do a solo when we return????