Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Two Days

We were too busy yesterday to make it to the internet café. We took our first ride in the back of a pick up truck, conveniently they provide a bar down the middle to hold onto while you are standing in the back. It is definitely a thrill. (We will post a picture of such a truck someday.)We have another student who has joined us at the school from France. Now there are three of us. We visited a small pueblo and saw another weaving cooperative, it is amazing at how much work they put into their weaving and how little money they make for it. Yesterday we both sort of hit a wall as it pertains to Spanish, but today was a little better. The activity for today was climbing up and down the side of a small (?) mountain to find sites where Mayan rituals are completed. The picture of the candles is a site where a ritual was conducted perhaps one or two hours ago. They burn candles and smoke cigars, light fires and offer animal or food sacrifices offering prayers asking for specific favors. Toward the end Janet couldn’t handle the climb anymore so sat and waited while the others climbed down. They lucked out and actually saw a ritual being conducted. The view from the side of the mountain was unbelievable, as are many of the views around the lake. We explore the town of Pana a little more each day and offer prayers in thanks that we have not been run over by a truck or bus and that Janet can still walk.

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