Monday, August 3, 2009

Clinic Day

Pictures of the circus, our patio, our electric shower, and our casa.

Today we had our second day at the clinic. Wayne spent most of the time working with Dr. Freddy. He did vitals for incoming patients and then assisted in the exam room. We made referrals to the hospital in Solola and in Guatemala City. We also scheduled some surgeries for September when the next team arrives. Flu is here like everywhere. Tom drove again today and Jay was off with a medical team in Cunen. Driving places is a big deal, you have to navigate your way through crowded narrow streets or wind your way up the side of the mountain with many sharp turns. Janet got a few lessons in what she might have to deal with if we move here, it seems like a lot of responsibility. She visited an elementary school with the head teacher and director to ask if the preschool can participate in the annual independence day celebration. This is a big national holiday. It was recess time and all the kids crowded around the gringas, smiling and looking at us. Guatemala is a very sensual country there are always lots of sounds, dogs barking, the circus that has moved in next door for two weeks, music playing; and the colors are intense with many flowers and colorful dress of the women. the smells include burning charcol and cooking food and a little bit of sewer. Here in Pana the main street is lined with small stands with much weaving and clothing for sale. Also many Mayan women walking around with their wares balanced on their heads following you down the street. There are several that always approach Janet and want to know why hasn’t she bought anything from them yet. So far promising to buy another day works.


  1. No picture of the circus..? Wayne, you have a long-sleeved shirt on. Is the temp mild?

  2. Sorry about the circus pics. We have not attended but we know the routine by heart as we have heard it about ten times. The temperature can be a bit chilly here. A lite coat at times is all that is needed or a long sleeve shirt. The clinic is much cooler and a jacket is necessary in the morning.