Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well here we go! Spanish is coming along slowly, but we have two good teachers. Yesterday we visited San Jorge a small village with much poverty. It is only about 15 minutes up the mountain by chicken bus. We got into the bus early, so we had a great seat. Read we didn't have to stand in the isle. The ride cost 2 Quetzals or less than 25 cents (the current exchange rate is 8.1 Q to the dollar). By the time we left there were three to a seat and SRO. Somehow ever time I thought they couldn't get another person on, 3-5 more got on! We walked down the mountain into the village. There were great views. Janet has been doing great walking down and up. Yesterday we walked over 12,000 steps.

Our host family continues to warm to us. We are having more interesting conversations at meal times. We are getting used to where we live and the smaller space and the electric shower.

The pictures are a view from the Sunset Cafe, our room, and Wayne at school. Even though it is the rainy season we have had several days with no rain! It has been very warm.

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  1. The view looks beautiful! Your bed looks like you must roll to the middle - cozy! Glad to see Wayne doing his schoolwork. Keep it up!