Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We made it to Pannajachel and are enjoying ourselves and working hard. We spent Monday at the Salud y Paz clinic and preschool in Camanchaj. Janet got the tour and we both were introduced to the work we might do next year. Janet was a bit overwhelmed. However, she has recovered as we started our first day of school. We both have great teachers and we work hard for four hours. We get homework to do for the next day so we still have some work to do tonight.

We are slowly begining to get to know our host family. There are three generations in the house. We have a small room on the first floor with a private bath and the family is on the second. We are a bit tight but are getting accustomed to the room. The food has been great! Lorenzo, the parrot, lives not far outside our door in the courtyard. He is friendly and is rumored to talk. As of yet, we have not heard much except when he is fed.

We had some rain but for the last two days, it has been sunny and warm during the day and the nights have been cool. No one will guess how long the good weather will last and the rainy season starts again.

We are updateding the blog at the internet cafe. We will add some pictures later.

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